söndag 11 september 2011

Välj vapen.

Pictures via BoyGirl.

  • Fists: Extremely basic close-range weapon. Never runs out of ammo, but only about as powerful as a pistol shot; normally used only as a last resort or with a berserk powerup.
  • Chainsaw: Does damage like the normal fist, but four times faster.
  • Pistol: The default long-range weapon. Not too effective.
  • Shotgun: A good general-purpose weapon, especially at close range. Reload time is slightly longer than normal.
  • Chaingun: Very good against large crowds, but its rapid rate of fire can quickly deplete its ammo supply.
  • Rocket launcher: Fires explosive rockets. Does a lot of damage, but can also seriously hurt the player if used indiscriminately at close range.
  • Plasma gun: Shoots pulses of blue-hot plasma at high speed, which can take down groups of incoming enemies easily — if aimed properly.
  • BFG9000: The "Big Fucking Gun." Somewhat counter-intuitive to operate at first, but kills almost any monster in one shot.

2 kommentarer:

Panzerfaust sa...

Vafalls?! Ingen butterfly?

Fula Edith sa...

Ja ett bra vapenutbud borde innehålla minst en butterfly.