lördag 23 mars 2013


Sky from The Softest Hard by EASTER.

"sky is so dark over town tonight 
ur face is bloody youve put up a fight 
we been out surfing the sea was so tight 
im getting high if u give me a light 

u said its over for us any day 
what could make a change we had every babe 
and so many chances to set things straight 
now it must end, so is our fate 

i spend all night trying to catch your eyes 
to see what you felt in-between my thighs 
what used to be We has now become I 
i was your brother now we re the same guy 

u been inside of me all my life 
man u were the reason I saw the light 
Now u are the reason i m taking this knife 
cus what we got left isnt worth the sight 

they said look back look at what you have done 
told us both u are no longer our son 
the time we could look at each other is gone 
here is the proof we have now become one 

now that we re one and now that we re high 
all I can see is that We have to die 
u are inside of me You are so fly 
and what we ve become we will take to the sky"

2 kommentarer:

Hertigen sa...

Jag läser och lyssnar.

Fula Edith sa...

Jag som slutat upp helt men saknade detta lite häromdagen.